Expert Personal Training in Warwickshire: Gym or Home Based for - Fitness, Fat Loss, Health & Vitality, Leaner Body

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Premium service personal training Warwickshire to quickly and effectively transform your body, delivered either at your home, or in a light and airy gym environment with access to the latest equipment, or even online via Zoom.

I'm Ed, an exceptional Personal Trainer with over 14 years experience. I will help you to reach your health goals with tailored personal training.

Warwick | Leamington | Stratford | Online via Zoom


I offer a range of packages and programmes to suit different needs & requirements - whether you're looking to strip body fat and change your body shape, you have a special event coming up, you need a higher level of accountability to keep your fitness on track, or you just want a personalised programme with plenty of variety.

Get in touch using the form below, give me a call or drop me an email. I can't wait to hear from you. 


Hi, I'm Ed, Personal Trainer, dad, and dog lover. I've been a full time personal trainer since 2009, helping busy clients get back in control of their health, lose weight, drop body fat, and generally feel better in their own body. I would love to tell you there's a short cut, but really there isn't, sorry! However, what I can tell you is that if you're serious about changing your health you can do it without it taking over your life, you don't have to give up everything you enjoy.  I'm a firm believer in enjoying what life has to offer, and know how to strike a balance.  ​ ​This is what the majority of my clients want too, although personal training is by its very nature, personal. If you wanted something more specific, we would plan that in.  I run all of my 1-2-1 personal training sessions as either home based training, meaning I come to you with the kit, or out of Healthworks Fitness Studio in Stratford Upon Avon. It's a fantastic family owned gym, small enough to have a more personal, studio feel, whilst still giving access to all the kit we need to transform your health. ​ So what next? ​ No doubt you've been giving this some thought, and it's impossible to make a decision by reading a webpage, so I offer a free trial session to all prospective clients. We can sit down and have a more in depth chat about you, your goals, and any concerns or questions you may have. Plus we actually get to meet to make sure we'll get on (fairly important!) and you can try it out to see if you'll find it beneficial. After we've been through the personal training package options it's then either a "book me in, let's do this" or we say thanks, but not right now. There's no obligation to buy (my experience has shown me that you can't force transformation onto anyone, they have to be ready to put in the work to get the result!) If this sounds like something you want to explore then click on "contact me" below and send me a message and I'll be in touch to arrange a free consultation. Ed

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1-2-1 Personal Training

This is the fastest route to achieving your health and fitness goals. It's all about you! Together we plan exactly what is needs to happen for you to hit your goals, and keep them. 

Personal training Warwickshire

Personal Training in a Pair

Train together with me and split the cost between you. You'll still get tailored advice and custom plans, but my focus during the sessions will be shared between the two of you.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I added in the option of online personal training via Zoom. Whilst I am back training clients face to face at the gym, and in their homes, the option to have sessions via Zoom (or a mix of the two) is still available. 


Personal training Warwickshire, or online from anywhere.

I understand it can be hard to gauge whether a service will work for you based on a website alone, so for that reason I offer a free trial session for prospective clients, as I think it's so important to 'click' with your coach on a personal level. This gives us chance to see how well we work together, and for you to see the facility that I use (unless you opt for home training), and ask any questions you may have so you feel completely comfortable before making any commitments to training.


Please contact me to arrange this session. Alternatively use the chat function to say hello, or just text me on 07525 750 314!



I have used Ed Hutchinson as my PT for several years, primarily to help me keep fit and energetic in my fifties, but also to help me lose weight.

Ed has been very important to me in achieving these goals. His knowledge of the body and fine-tuning the exercise routine to my ability at each given time is married to a constantly upbeat, calm and cheerful style, which has really helped me through the inevitable effort necessary to make progress. I would recommend him to anyone in any age group.


What Ed spent time doing was teaching me a better way of structuring my daily habits and the choices I make to reach a point where I can still eat foods I like without putting weight back on.

To date I have lost 6 stone and feel so much better day to day.


Ed has a refreshingly normal approach, he didn’t force me into a heavily restricted or boring diet, and progressed the workouts at a pace I actually enjoyed. 


I've been training with Ed twice a week for nearly 3 years now. The sessions are well put together with plenty of variety.


Ed seems to know when to push me and when I need a slightly gentler session, and adapts the session to suit. In all honesty I was only going to use a personal trainer for 6-12 months leading up to my 60th, but I've enjoyed the sessions so much I've continued, and have no intention of stopping any time soon!

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