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Client Case Studies

Each one of these case studies is based on the actual results gained by clients, in some cases the names are changed at the request of the client. Results can never be guaranteed, but this should give you an insight into what is achievable. All clients had zero workout experience before starting with me, and they were all 45yr or older at the time of commencing training. 

Neil, 54, director, 2-3 home based sessions a week

Pre training background: No exercise since PE at school, didn’t enjoy exercise, but wanted to lose weight after being told by the work Dr he was looking at heart attack/stroke/type 2 diabetes if he didn’t make drastic changes. Long work hours, snacking in the car on the drive to and from the office, drinking a lot of beer, especially at the weekend, and having a lot of work stress. Neil was also very honest from the start about not liking exercise, but wanting a healthier lifestyle.  After a quick search for Personal Training Warwickshire he found me and we got started.


My approach: I needed to build a full picture of where Neil was at, so to start with I had him fill out a food diary for a 7 day period, and use a step counting app on his phone to get an idea of his general level of movement on a daily and weekly basis. We also did body measurements, body fat level, and assessments on the first session. 


This then enabled us to look at what we could realistically change and add in. For example I could see Neil wasn’t eating enough protein, which is essential for growth and repair, but also for guys it helps us keep testosterone levels higher (which is very important as it starts naturally declining after the age of 30). I also noticed he wasn’t drinking anywhere near enough water on a daily basis. 


So the first two changes were:

1. Eat protein at breakfast 

2. Drink 2 litres of water a day


Then each week we review the previous week, and set another one to two habits for the next week. 


Doing this over time makes it easier to follow, it puts less pressure on you and removes the overwhelm associated with having a lot to do. 


Neil was training with me two times a week, which gives 2 hours to train effectively, but also to chat about what he is doing, what he might be struggling with (e.g. protein breakfast ideas) and also for me to keep him accountable to following the actions laid out. 


Results: Initially dropped a stone very quickly (within the first month) which isn’t uncommon when you control your food intake and start to move more. We were training with weights during our sessions together so Neil did get a body composition change, less fat, more muscle (but not big muscle etc) and this reflected in his body fat % dropping too. 

By 3 months into our training Neil had lost 2.5 stone, looked significantly different, was a lot fitter, he even dared to say he was enjoying the exercise. 


Other notable changes: he could walk up the stairs at work whilst holding a conversation and not get out of breath. He enjoyed a headland walk in a location he frequently went on holiday to but had never attempted the walk before because he was too unfit. He could bend done to tie his shoes. The biggest highlight of his progression was when he entered, and successfully completed, a half marathon! 


Additionally the work Dr was astonished at his transformation and promptly referred other clients my way! 

Mike, 59, company owner, 1 home based session a week

Pre Training Background: I was contacted by Mike’s son, he was making a tentative enquiry for a personal trainer in Banbury because his dad required some very specific things. His dad was of the belief that a personal trainer wouldn’t be the best option, and from what he has since told me just thought he would likely be stuck the way he was. 


He had a long list of medical issues, the most serious being the removal of lungs, two nodes one side, one node on the other side. Also recovering from a hernia, had recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and lacked mobility in his upper body from two previous operations that left scar tissue. 


My approach: A lot of research was needed to be sure of the correct approach, and not to cause any issue with a very limited lung function. Mike was already doing some things right, he was walking 2 miles daily, and doing deep breathing exercises to expand his lungs, plus he had an exercise bike he was using too, a great start. 


Our first point of call was to change his diet, we needed to switch to foods that were lower in sugar, higher protein and higher good fats. This means the body would be able to reduce the level of sugar in the blood, something diabetics struggle with due to the lack of insulin response from the body. 


We also added daily intake targets, and calculated his exact daily calorie intake, and what his macro nutrient intake should be (that is fats, protein and carbohydrates). 


I also designed a workout plan incorporating strength movements to help with the hernia recovery, cardiovascular fitness to improve his lung function, and stretching and mobility to loosen off the upper body - particularly important as Mike wants to get back to playing golf.


Results: I’ll state here that Mike was very committed, he followed everything I told him to do down to the T, and the results show it. 


Within 5 weeks he dropped 4.5% body fat, lost 5 inches off his body, feels more energised, can walk much further before he gets out of breath (his lung function has increased) and can even manage full press ups, plus he can get up from lying on the floor without needing to hold furniture to pull himself up. 


Additionally his diabetes nurse has now changed his medication because the level of sugar in his blood is so much lower! 


These results are proof that if you commit to taking the daily actions the results can be life changing! 


Our next focus is the golf, to get Mike to a point where he can swing a golf club without restriction or tightness. We also have a continued focus on weight loss (fat loss) and lung function.

Jon, 48, Solicitor, 1 home based PT session a week

Pre training background: Up until leaving university Jon had always been active, with rock climbing and kayaking being his preferred method of activity. As he told me “this all kind of stopped once I started my career, and then had a family”. He had tried the gym in the past, but found he was inconsistent due to work and energy levels, so left. He had also had a hernia operation prior to us starting. He decided on personal training and had a look for a Personal Trainer in Stratford upon Avon. 


My Approach: It was clear from the start that Jon was a guy that would throw himself into the workouts and train hard, which is great, but also has to be managed the right way so you don’t over do it, or cause a problem with the hernia. The workouts were structured in a way to make sure Jon got the progression he wanted, but also got the specific strengthening to the more vulnerable areas, like the hernia sight. 


I also got Jon to keep a food diary, and used this to look at what needed to be changed, or tweaked so it worked alongside his new training regime. As with most busy guys he wasn’t eating anywhere near enough protein, and the bulk of the food he was eating was carbohydrate. He did regularly skip meals, or need to eat on the go, meaning his food choices were based on speed and convenience rather than health etc. 


Sugar intake was high, as was his alcohol intake (mostly wine) and he did like eating a lot of cheese.


It was obvious how busy Jon was, so expecting him to make numerous changes at once was not realistic, therefore the first habit we introduced was daily water intake. 


We also introduced home based workouts (these are particularly important if you’re only doing one PT session a week), and we kept these to 15 minutes so they didn’t put added pressure on his already busy diary. Short and to the point is all you need. 


Results: As with other clients initial changes were quick, showing a stone and a half off in the first 6 weeks. Then over a 3, 6 and 12 month period body fat % dropped (weight loss) and the inches came off. He also had a big increase in cardiovascular fitness, and actually entered the London to Paris bike ride, and completed it! He also took time out to trek in the Himalayas. 

Graham 63, Company owner, 2 gym based pt sessions a week

Pre Training Background: Graham hadn’t done any proper exercise since school, he had dabbled with gym memberships but never went (perhaps you can relate to that?). He had worked hard to build his own business over the years, and was by all accounts successful. He had two to three holidays a year, ate out a lot (especially with clients), and was doing a lot of international travel for work, so lots of stress, meals on planes, alcohol and meals out with clients - “I was basically eating all the time, and hardly moving” is what Graham said to me. 


However this sole focus on work had come at a cost, his health was in dire straits. He was 6 stone overweight, had degeneration of the knee joints, really struggled walking more than 200 yards without needing to sit down, and couldn’t get up from the floor, meaning he had a very real fear of falling over and being stuck there. 

So he went for the most effective method and Googled “Personal Trainer Coventry” and discovered me. 


My Approach: Graham had been “heavily persuaded” by his wife to get fitter, so to start with we had to dig into what he actually wanted, then took initial measurements to establish where he was in relation to those goals (as I do with every client). It was clear Graham loved his food so we needed an approach that didn’t cause heavy restriction and also a workout plan that he would actually enjoy. 


A lot of potential clients are put off PT sessions by the false representation you sometimes see on the TV, especially shows like the Biggest Loser where they push clients dangerously (and needlessly) hard and put them on highly restrictive diets. 


This approach does not work for long term results, it isn’t sustainable. 


So for Graham we focused on three things: 


  1. Walk daily (30 mins) - he opted to take the occasional work call whilst walking.

  2. Hit daily protein target 

  3. Eliminate refined sugars 


Graham was training with me twice a week so the level of accountability was high, also at this stage I didn’t feel the need to give him a workout to do between our sessions, the daily walking was filling the gap. 


Being a qualified sports massage therapist I also noticed a few issues with Graham’s posture, especially his head position. Whenever he lay down on a weights bench he couldn’t get his head to rest flat, indicating a significant tightness (muscle imbalance) in the upper body. I have a great network of specialised professionals so I referred Graham to s soft tissue specialist that quickly and painlessly sorted this problem out. Then we worked on the longer term solution of strengthening weak muscles, and loosening off tight muscles, this stops a problem coming back. 


Results: Really pleased with the results on this one, especially considering Graham wasn’t sure about training in the first place. After about 2 weeks he said “Ed, I’m not sure I should tell you this but I’m actually enjoying the exercise”. This was my intention from the start, once you enjoy the exercise you will be filled with motivation to continue, and that brings the consistency needed to get long term change that you will keep. 


Graham dropped over 3 stone in a 3 month period, his body fat % dropped by 15% and he lost so many inches none of his clothes fit anymore! Although he was able to get back into a suit he hadn’t worn for close to 20 years. 


He found the knee pain was a lot better, helped by a combination of weight loss and building strength in the leg muscles, so they take the strain instead of the knees (a bit like shock absorbers on a car). 


Graham actually pushed me to write him a gym workout programme and started training twice a week outside of our sessions, he even took up swimming to help too. 


It just goes to show that once you start you can end up with a snowball effect, but you must first start!

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