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What I figured out really quickly working with real people is three main things: 

  • The approach we’re taught isn’t realistic for busy people

  • An all or nothing approach actually hurts results, not build them! 

  • Less is more, when applied consistently in the right way

The Standard approach of personal training is failing you, it simply doesn’t work for busy men! 

If you want a better body, more muscle, less fat and to feel 20 years younger…


The one thing you need is...


Access to a system that’s quick, gets results and just works!

I’ve been a full time personal trainer since 2009 and one of the biggest mistakes I see busy men making time and again is falling into the misbelief that health and fitness = drain on their time, “I’ll get to it once I have time”, or believing they need to adopt an all or nothing approach.  


I can understand where that comes from, the fitness industry can get caught up in its own world and forget not everyone has an hour (or more) a day to spend in the gym. Furthermore very few ‘normal’ people want to spend a Sunday evening prepping a week’s worth of meals and neatly packing them in tupperware containers, it isn’t realistic as a long term option, especially if you have a family to consider. 


It’s one of my biggest frustrations, seeing guys stay stuck or at best start to only give up a month or two later! 


This was my inspiration to focus my business, and years of experience, solely on busy men. 


I really wanted to create a system that meant busy men could have the health, fitness and body they want NOW, not put it on hold for longer, or until “I have the time…” (that time NEVER happens by the way, something else will always fill your time). 


Having worked closely with busy men in the past it became very apparent to me that high achieving guys need something simple, easy and effective, not complex. 

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, simplicity gets results, it always has, and it always will! 


They still want to be able to enjoy their food, to have a drink at the weekend or a meal out without the ‘diet guilt’. Essentially they want to enjoy life without restrictions. 


Perhaps you can relate to that as well? 


Unfortunately many of the men I help are already enjoying themselves too much without a structure or plan in place, resulting in inevitable weight and fat gain. Can you relate to this? 


Systemise Success


As I mentioned, my Reboot guide (the free download) is a good starting point and will help you, assuming you take action on it, BUT the best results come from being a part of my Men’s Reset System. 


The Reset system is the culmination of over a decades worth of personal training experience, multiple courses covering nutrition, diet and exercise and a lot of first hand experience seeing what actually works on real people, and on myself, after all I am a busy guy with a family who is in his fourth decade, so I’m very much on the front line.

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