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Gym Training

Light, airy and friendly gym in Stratford Upon Avon

Personal training in a gym gives more variety when it comes to progressively overloading the body week in, week out.

I have used Healthworks Fitness Studio for years now. Unlike big chain gyms it has a much more personalised feel, and owing to the fact it was a car showroom many years back, it also has a lot of windows and natural light. From a personal training point of view it has all of the equipment you could possibly need, it rarely gets too busy, and there is a good outside space for outdoor training too. Furthermore there are numerous sliding doors so the gym is well ventilated with fresh air. And there is free parking! 

As an example, my gym training can help you to achieve any of the following results:

  • Weight & fat loss 

  • Fitness level (aerobic fitness - breath better, out of breath less etc) 

  • Body shape change (lose inches, get leaner, look slimmer etc) 

  • Weight training (technique, progression, lean tissue/muscle development)

  • Circuit training (1-2-1 or 1-2-2) 

  • Stress management & release 

  • Flexibility & mobility 

  • Habit change

  • Injury management 

  • Understanding how you can balance life with health, and keep it!

  • Knowing your food intake, what you can and can't "get away with" 

  • Mindset - how to get into the persona of the version of you that already has the desired end result

This isn't a definitive list, if you have a goal that isn't listed it doesn't mean we can't do it, it's best to contact me and see if it's something I can offer. 

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Gym Training In Stratford

There is plenty of free parking, changing rooms with showers and lockers, and for my clients there is a very good discounted rate if you wished to become a gym member, (although please note that access to the gym for PT sessions is included in my personal training rate).

I have personally trained at a lot of different gyms, and also ran my personal training services from several large gym facilities, and I can honestly say this is the most relaxed, friendly, and well equipped gym I have used to date. 

Fill out the contact form below to arrange a time to come and meet me and see the facility for yourself. 

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