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Online personal training UK

Online Training

Quick, simple to follow, and effective. 

Online training is ideal if you're busy and know you'll struggle to commit to weekly face to face sessions, but still want to do something about your health and fitness.

If you're new to training we will need to do a minimum of 2 face to face sessions so I can teach you certain movement patterns, and also assess where you're at physically. 

How It Works

I've outlined below the main components, but also bear in mind we can do a hybrid mix of some face to face, and some online. It really does depend on what you need, and what will work for you. If in doubt just send me a message using the form at the bottom of this page and we can discuss your exact requirements. 


Initial Assement

During the first session (face to face session) we take measurements and assessments to benchmark where you are, we use this to track and adjust your programme as we go forward.



Your food and drink intake is critical, it will make or break the success of any programme. We get you setup on a system that allows you to track your food intake, and I can access it too. You also get access to a nutritional masterclass video series that was made especially for my clients.


Weekly Check In Call

Every week we will have a 15 minute check in call. We can review progress, any issues or concerns, or check exercise movements etc. 


Accountability Check In

The results only come if you keep taking action. Accountability is an essential part of any programme, and it's included in this one. I will send 1-2 emails a week for a check in, frequency depends on how you take to the training, and how much help you need.


Phone App 

All of your training will be delivered to you on a phone app. The workouts are personalised to you and your goals, and include quick videos to help with the movement patterns. 


Habit Tracker

Sleep, hydration, stress management etc. We need to identify the old bad habits, remove them, and then add in new habits that are more aligned to getting you the results you want. 

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