Pay Monthly 1

£240per month

1 x 60 minute training session per week


Equivalent to £60 per session

Maintain your current weight & fitness level, or drop less than a stone of body fat. You'll get personalised workout plans for you to do between our weekly session too. 

Pay Monthly 2

£440per month

2 x 60 minute training sessions per week


Equivalent to £55 per session

For if you have between 1 to 3 stone of weight to lose, and want to strip body fat and change your body shape. You'll also benefit from personalised plans to do between our sessions.

Pay Monthly 3

£600per month

3 x 60 minute training sessions per week


Equivalent to £50 per session

Speed up your results and change your body shape quickly. Ideal if you have a special event coming up, or need that higher level of accountability to keep you on track.

Block of 6


6 x 60 minute training sessions

valid for 3 months

Equivalent to £60 per session

If your plans tend to change from one month to the next.

Block of 12


12 x 60 minute training sessions

valid for 6 months

Equivalent to £50 per session

If your plans tend to change from one month to the next.

At home

In-person if you're in Warwickshire, or via Zoom. I bring the equipment.

Option to share the cost by training in a pair.


Personalised workouts and progression plans. Body composition tracking to monitor your progress.


Support with diet and nutrition. Access to 12-part educational video series for healthy eating.

Mind matters

Identification of mindset issues that may be hindering your progress, and how to overcome them.


At home personal training and mindset coaching in Warwickshire and the West Midlands, or online from anywhere.

I offer a free 30 minute trial for personal training or mindset coaching, as I think it's so important to 'click' with your coach on a personal level, and this gives us chance to see how well we work together. 


Please contact me to arrange. Alternatively use the chat function to say hello!

Image by Julia Ballew


No matter where you're based, we can work together via Zoom to explore your thoughts and behaviour patterns that may be hindering you from achieving your health goals. 

As a relatively new service, sessions are available on a pay as you go basis, at £60 for 60 minutes. 

You can take advantage of a reduced price if you block book 10 sessions for £400, for use within 6 months of purchase. 


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