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Why Me?

It's a fair question, after all you have options when it comes to changing your health and fitness. Personal training is an investment of your time, energy, and money, an investment you want to see results from (rightly so too). Allow me to highlight below some of the key reasons why you would want to work with me to achieve your goals. 


I have over 14 years experience as a personal trainer, and nearly 30 years training myself, I know how to get results in a safe and effective way, whilst injecting enough variety to stop it feeling too much like a chore! 

Lifestyle Factors

Training on its own is not enough, especially if you're over the age of 30. You need to know how to structure your food intake, your stress management, your sleep, your hydration levels, and your exercise. Together we cover this.

Advanced Physiology

I am a qualified sports massage therapist, what this means in a training sense is I have a much deeper understanding of how the body works, how to overcome or work around injuries, and preventative measures to stop any problems before they arise.


I'm a big advocate of living life, so my training is always built around gaining health without it taking over your life. You can still enjoy meals out, drinks with friends, and even a takeaway, balance is key. Once you learn this you will be able to maintain your new found health and body shape whilst still enjoying the finer things in life. 

Location Variety

I can provide a service that gets you results either in your own home, at a small independent gym, and even online. Your week to week location should not impede your training goals.

Tracking & Accountability

Data is important to see how you're progressing, what's working, and what needs tweaking. Session 1 we take data points like body fat %, blood pressure etc, this is then re-tested every 6-8 weeks depending on session frequency. It's great to act as a source of motivation and useful as an accountability tool. 

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