Why use a Personal Trainer?

When it comes to losing weight, changing your body shape, and improving your health and fitness there are so many options available to you.

Try a diet club, go to group exercise classes, join a gym, follow an online workout routine, copy the diet that your colleague is on this month...so the list could go on.

Personal training is just one of a number of options, but it is also possibly the option that involves the most financial commitment.

So, what exactly are you getting with personal training, and why would you consider it over the other options?

1. You will be taken the extra distance.

This is something I hear time and again from clients, when I’m with them they ALWAYS work harder, and work for longer. The simple fact is when you train alone, or as part of a larger exercise group you can hide and get away with putting in a small effort, even if you don’t mean to. It’s easy to rest for too long between exercises, and therefore lose the compound effect you were building in that session (it does matter).

2. Accountability.

People lie to themselves all the time, convinced you’re staying on track with your new habits? Maybe you are, maybe you’re not, if no one is checking up on you what does it matter? Accountability is essential to keep you on track whilst you establish new habits that are in alignment with you goals, remember you are working against years of doing things in a certain way so it’s much easier to fall back to how you were.

3. Results tracking & assessments.

Works for two key reasons, 1, it stops you becoming a slave to the scales (seriously stop it) by tracking other metrics such as body composition and inch loss. 2 - it serves as motivation. Some months you may feel like you haven’t progressed (especially if you’re relying solely on scale weight as a measurement of progress) but your body fat % may have dropped, or you show a loss with the tape measure. I cannot stress how important this is, and it amazes me when I still see other fitness professionals not tracking this!!

4. Variety.

Losing weight (body fat) and regaining your shape is hard work, sorry but it is. The last thing you need is for your workouts to feel like a chore, especially considering it’s your leisure time, and your paying for it! Whilst I appreciate most people don’t enjoy exercise, I also know how to programme to keep things interesting whilst still getting you the results you want.

5. Adaptability.

A good personal trainer will devise a plan that meets you where you’re at, in terms of your fitness and approach to eating etc. This is the essence of personal training, it’s your personal training. It fits you, if you have an injury it makes allowances, if you’re tired that day it adapts so you can get through it without sacrificing your work to date, if your goals change the training changes to reflect this. There is no other means of training that will give you the high degree of adaptability and progression that good personal training will bring.

Personal Training Warwickshire

I’ve taken my approach a step further by working as a mobile personal trainer and actually train 90% of my clients in their own homes, or gardens.

This actually speeds up your results over training at a gym, I’ve been told repeatedly by clients during a session that if I was based at a gym they would have cancelled that session because they felt tired, or had a bad day, but because I go to them they kept the appointment, and actually after the first 10 minutes of the session they get into it, and dare I say enjoy it, this keeps the consistency of training going which is so important for results.

The main point to take away is that whatever option you choose to overhaul your health & fitness make sure you give it time to work for you. If it’s taken years to put the weight on, it won’t be gone in a month, not safely anyway.

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