Losing Weight After Lockdown!

So restrictions are finally starting to ease, dare I say life is starting to return back to normal (sort of) and soon we’ll actually be going out and seeing people. Great...

But that also means we have to start making more effort, old jogging bottoms or pjs aren't going to cut it in public (unfortunately).

Depending on how your lockdown went will determine how confident you're feeling about this looming prospect of social interaction!

Will your nice clothes still fit how you want them to? When was the last time you actually tried them on?

I read that the average weight gain over the first lockdown was 10 lbs (14 lbs is a stone) and we’ve had another two lockdowns plus Christmas and Easter since that one.

In fact a survey by Weight Watchers has found that nearly half of the population has put on weight.

Maybe you haven’t gained any weight, in which case well done. If you have then know there is plenty you can do about it. But drastic action isn’t necessarily needed.

Instead these are the top 3 things I would do right now to start changing your weight, drop fat and change shape.

  • Know Your Current Intake

In order to make changes you need to know exactly where you’re starting from. From experience I’ve found most people under report on what they eat, in other words they eat a lot more than they realise. The little things add up, a squeeze of ketchup here, some bbq sauce there, a Starbucks coffee...all extra calories, and that’s before you even get onto the food. I find using a phone app like Myfitnesspal works brilliantly, it gives you a clear visual of what you’re eating, and it’s really simple to use.

  • Add In Movement Daily

This is an obvious step, but is really important for so many reasons. From a weight loss perspective you need to be in a deficit (you burn off more than you take in), adding in some exercise is a great way to achieve this deficit. You don’t have to go crazy to start with, walking will do. In fact walking is often overlooked, but is so good! I wrote about it here Walking Benefits.

  • Hydration/Water Intake

This sounds so simple, and it is. But so many still get this wrong. Water is essential to the efficient running of so many systems in the body, and the brain. Studies have shown that dehydration can cause decreased cognitive functions, motor skills, memory, coordination, and can produce unwanted emotions and even make you more sensitive to pain!

Water helps to flush the organs, replenish the blood, and balance any inflammation in the body.

We are about 60% water so staying properly hydrated is really important. This is the best way to check how much you need - take your body weight in KG and multiply it by 0.30ml. For example if you weighed 100KG = 100 X 0.30 = 3,000 ml, or litres.

Sustainable weight loss isn’t about fad diets that promise the earth, it’s about habit change and introducing small changes that you consistently apply daily.

I’ve been helping clients with work just like this since 2009. If you’re at a point of needing expert help to make the process easy then get in touch with me using the contact form at the bottom of the Home page.