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The Power Of Consistency

It would be nice to have an overnight change when it comes to your health and fitness, at the moment that isn't the case.

It takes a renewed approach to your lifestyle, and also consistent application of the habits that will ultimately get you the result you're after.

For the purpose of this article let us take weight loss as the goal. Firstly I'll state that most clients that tell me they "want to lose weight" what they are actually saying is they want to lose body fat and look better, it's a body composition change they are actually after.

So, how would one go about that?

First think about your life to date, the habits you've been following (probably automatically without giving them much thought).

- How often do you move your body?

- What type of foods do you eat? (are they nutritious, or anything for convenience?)

- How much water do you drink daily?

- What's your alcohol intake like?

- What's your stress level like, and how do you manage it?

- Do you know how many calories a day you need to eat to hit your desired target?

- How do you keep yourself accountable to targets you set?

Now, the reason we start by looking at your current habits is to highlight what you've been doing that has got you the health, fitness, and body you have right now.

You can probably already see what will need to change, or need adjusting.

The key here is to pick 1-2 habits to change, follow them consistently for at least 66 days (it is believed to take 66 days to ingrain a new habit, it then becomes a part of who you are and happens almost automatically). Then you pick another habit and repeat the process.

It's this consistency over time that builds up a bigger picture to getting you the result you want.

Quick fixes are all well and good but are often based in wishful thinking - "I can get this result in a few days", perhaps you can, but understanding how you identify and change habits, and the power of consistency will get you results you will keep.

I've been personal training across Warwickshire since 2009, and I would suggest you start with habits based around your food intake. Look into how many calories you need, and also keep a food diary of everything you eat for the next 7 days.

Then look at what makes up the food on your food diary - is it high in sugar? Are you eating protein, or is it carb heavy? How many fats are you eating?

Once you have the complete picture you're in a better position to know what to change and why.

Nutrition help and advice is a key area I help clients with, whether they opt for gym based personal training in Stratford upon Avon, or home based training in Warwickshire and the surrounding villages.

As always if you need any help just message me by using the contact form here.


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