Why Use A Personal Trainer?

There are numerous options available to you when it comes to losing weight, getting fitter, and getting back on top of your health, and a personal trainer is just one option.

So, why would you want to use a personal trainer?

The quick, and obvious, answer is simply timescale. A good personal trainer will get you the result you desire much quicker.

I've been working as a home based personal trainer since 2009 and what I see, and have been told by many clients, are the reasons a PT is a good investment are as follows:

Personalised approach

As the name suggests, personal training is just that, personal. There is no one size fits all, so by using a good personal trainer you get the benefit of having a programme and approach 100% tailored to you and your goals, it doesn't matter how old you are, or what your current situation is, my personal training always meets you where you're at. What's more I regularly check progress with ongoing measurements and assessments to make sure what I'm doing for you is actually working and moving us in the right direction.

Quicker results

As I mentioned above, it gets you your results quicker. When you combine a personalised approach, with all the other variables that most people get wrong, you can almost guarantee a faster result than any other method.

Personal accountability

This can work in a group setting, but when it's 1-2-1 there's no where to hide! One of the hardest parts of establishing a new set of habits (habits that will make you fitter etc) is sticking to them during the first couple of months until they become automatic behaviours. Having a personal trainer hold you accountable is extremely valuable, especially when a good trainer will know exactly how to pre empt problems and give you tools to get back on track quickly.

It's safer

Exercise seems straightforward, but actually it can be fraught with risk. Incorrect posture, bad form and technique, or incorrect loading can cause a lot of problems in the short term, and even build up over time to give you problems years later. It isn't unusual to see people with injuries caused as a result of "going it alone". I personally love when people get stuck in to a healthier lifestyle, but if in doubt make sure you seek professional instruction, otherwise it isn't a personal trainer you'll be needing, it will be an osteopath!!

You're buying time

I have been a home personal trainer, and a gym based personal trainer, since 2009, prior to that I was training myself 4 times a week and literally spent hours reading, researching and applying different training, nutrition, rest and recovery principles to myself. When you include that I have over 25 years experience. Do you have 25 years to teach yourself? What about the motivation and passion to shift through hours and hours of videos, or books and articles? No, of course not, and why would you? Essentially I've taken what I've seen work on myself, and clients and condensed it into a simple process that will bring results to anyone (assuming they do the work).

It keeps you going

I've had so many home based personal training clients say to me "if you weren't coming here I would have done nothing today". I get that, life happens, it's hard to keep going week in week out on your own, and you can train the habit of doing nothing just as you can train the habit of doing it! But one of the fastest ways to results is consistency, so you can't really afford to slip off your programme for too long. The other comment I get from clients a lot is "I really wasn't in the mood today, but feel so much better for that". I appreciate people are spending their leisure time doing personal training sessions, so I always try and inject variety, a friendly approach, and exercises people enjoy (mainly boxing, it seems everyone enjoys hitting pads!).

There are probably a lot more reasons, these are the obvious ones. What ever you do just make sure you do something! Doing nothing will just ensure you stay the same, or get worse - DO NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN.

I offer a free trial session to all new prospective clients, it is literally the best way to see if personal training will work for you.

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