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The Reset System

Taking the overwhelm out of men's health and fitness



The foundational part of the system. Think in terms of stripping an old building back to its foundations prior to a rebuild! The first 4 weeks are spent identifying and breaking the bad habits you’ve created over the years, introducing exercise and more movement and basically getting your body back to a solid starting point.


The second stage of the process is where we start to rebuild your body with better habits, introduce important diet protocols that are long term solutions, and quick reference for surviving those social occasions. The workouts change and are based more around adding some quality lean muscle, when you lose the weight and fat you want a body shape underneath, it’s also a fast way of accelerating your fat loss and improving joint strength. 

2014-09-11 13.50.20.jpg


The third and final part of the system is how you keep your new found health. This is where we future proof your new habits and your new body, manage slip ups, touch on flexible approaches to diets and food ( so you can enjoy whatever food you like without getting fat again!) learn how to progress your own workouts so you maintain your health, body and new vitality for years to come, not just drop back to where you were.

The programme structure above is to illustrate the approach I take, however there is most likely going to be individual requirements and specifics that we will need to incorporate, and make allowances for. If you're unsure then just contact me and we can talk about your exact requirements.

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